Friday, December 21, 2007

McCain Surging In The Polls

John "amnesty" McCain is surging in the polls":

McCain's NH momentum is exactly what his campaign was hoping for. But his better showing in IA and nationally is still a bit surprising. In the best case scenario for McCain, he comes in 3rd in IA, 1st in NH, and the momentum helps him win MI (as he did in 2000) and then SC where the race is very narrow right now. That would make the race functionally a Rudy v. McCain Super Tuesday and beyond. But a more likely scenario is still a 4th or 5th in IA, 2nd in NH, and no wins before Super Tuesday. It's hard to see where McCain goes without a NH win.

It seems many Republicans have found it in there hearts to forgive McCain for this past years fiasco over amnesty. I can not.

I have stated this before and I would like to put it on record one more time: I will not vote for anyone who supported that bill.

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