Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Updated (Video Added): The Debate

It seems Fred did well onstage today:

Mary Katharine Ham:

Fred: 'The NEA is the Problem':

FABULOUS and fabulously true answer on education that no Dem could ever, ever give. Got everyone's attention, and the people-meter was waaaaay up top.

Fred: 'No Hand Shows!':

Fred refuses to do a "show of hands" on global warming. Hilarious. He counter-offers for a minute to talk about it and the debate moderator refuses. The audience applauds his sticking up for a more in-depth debate formate. Now, she's reduced to getting short answers from everyone. I enjoyed that.

Fred may be coming alive just in time. You know I like his style, but he may be gearing it up a little to satisfy the nay sayers. I watched him in his run for the Senate and a month before that election he did not have a chance either.

Win, Fred, Win


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bubby1962 said...

Fred did well today

"Would you like to answer on Global Warming?"

"Can I have a minute?"


"No thank you"

That's great!!!