Thursday, May 31, 2007

Will the illegal aliens vote Republican?

You don't have to answer that. We all know the answer. Evidential, Jeb Bush and Ken Mehlman feel they will:

Bush and Mehlman make exactly that case. They write:

Both of us have spent much of our professional lives working to help
build the Republican Party. We believe this legislation will be good for the
GOP. Hispanic Americans are natural Republicans.

Does that argument sound familiar? The White House told conservatives
the same thing in 2003 when Karl Rove and President Bush strong-armed
Republicans in Congress into supporting the largest entitlement program since
the days of LBJ’s Great Society. The Medicare prescription drug bill, we were
told, would guarantee Republicans the majority for decades. Three years later,
the GOP was knocked out of power in Congress.

This is absurd. Does anyone actually believe this?

This bill will tear our country apart. If passed, it will most certainly tear the Republican party to shreds. I am tired of the Republicans in Washington spitting in my face. I am proud to be considered as part of the "base" of this party. I am not proud of the direction in which this party has been going.

Stop this Amnesty bill now.

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