Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fred! Is he the man for the times?

Time Magazine may think so:

As former Republican Senator Fred Thompson ponders a late entry into
the 2008 presidential race, the actor's biggest advantage just might be that
people feel they already know exactly what he would be like as Commander in

As with Hillary Clinton, this is not his first rodeo (a phrase that
rolls smoothly in his accent). Like Barack Obama, he is poised and compelling.
Like Rudy Giuliani, he can fall back on bold self-confidence in the face of
tricky questions. Like John McCain, he can appeal to independents. And like
George W. Bush in 2000, he presents a decided equanimity toward his future. As
he told an interviewer, "One advantage you have in not having this as [a]
lifelong ambition is that if it turns out that your calculation is wrong, it's
not the end of the world."

Fred! 08

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Panhandle Poet said...

Run, Fred, run!!! I think we'll see his announcment within the next 30 days.

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