Friday, May 25, 2007

Fred! stealing support, and poll numbers from Mitt.

First Fred! moves past Romney in Florida:

Datamar released a new Florida poll today.
Edwards leads Clinton for Democrats
and Fred

Thompson is five points behind Rudy Giuliani among Republicans.

Edwards 26
Clinton 24
Obama 19
Richardson 7
Biden 6

Clinton has a 18-point lead in the RCP


Giuliani 27
Thompson 22
Romney 18
McCain 12

Giuliani holds a 13.5-point lead in the RCP


Then he steals a Tennessee Representative - Marsha Blackburn:

Would-be candidate Fred Thompson has stolen his first major backer away
from one of the already-announced contenders.

After endorsing Mitt Romney in January, third-term Rep. Marsha
Blackburn (TN) said in a statement today that she will get behind Thompson if he
gets in he race. Romney had dubbed Blackburn a "senior adviser" when
he announced her support.

He will get a lot more support once he announces.

Run, Fred!, Run

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