Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just My Opinion: Why McCain Lost

I have heard a million and one reasons for McCain's loss in this election. IMO these are the reasons he was defeated. (In no specific order)

First and foremost, the MSM. The media made a full transition from being a left leaning news source to an all out democratic tool. The constant bombardment from the media made a huge difference in this election. They consistently attacked McCain. They skewed their questions to force McCain to give answers that made him look like the worst possible choice. They did this while making Obama look like a hero, and letting him slide on the issues with "softball" interviews.

The next reason is the steady move the RNC has made to the left. I was not a fan of McCain from the beginning. The biggest problem with McCain is the fact he is a RINO. The democrats had the upper hand from the start. Bush hatred was running wild. McCain could not press Obama on the issues that could have kept a republican in the White House. You know the ones I am talking about. Two of them are: Immigration and Global Warming. McCain could not hit Obama on these because he shares the democratic views on these issues. ( John Hawkins has a great post up titled: The Top 7 Reasons Why The GOP Can't Build A Political Party Around Moderates.)
Do yourself a favor and read it.

Next is McCain's failure to take advantage of the last chance issue. The one that could have saved this election for him. That is right, the BAILOUT. When given the opportunity to stand up for capitalism, McCain opted to get in line and vote for this fiasco. I don't know if he could have pulled the election out or not, but it damn sure would have helped.

I'm sure there are many more reasons you could think of. Me too, but these are the biggest reasons we have a radical left wing socialist as our president elect. Borrowing a McCain phrase: "My friends", brace yourself. We are in for a bumpy ride. Keep your heads up though. This may be the best thing that could have happened. Maybe this will give the RNC a nice swift kick in the ass. This should wake them up to the fact that it is not good to alienate your base.


TexasFred said...

He voted FOR the bail out, he was a lot less than ANY kind of exciting, he is NOT a conservative, not in ANY way, and after almost 8 years of George Bush, the USA went into rebellion..

After 4 years of Obamalamadingdong they will wish they had made better choices, but in MY opinion, McCain was just as bad as Obama on nearly every level...

bubby1962 said...

Now McCain (I include McCain because he hasn't put an end to it)and his fellow rinos are trying to blame Palin and damage her more than the MSM has already shamelessly done.

She was the ONLY bright spot McCain had, in my opinion. I know I voted for him because of Palin.

And now his people are coming out with shit that is above and beyond anything the rest of the folks with I hate Palin derangement syndrome have done. I ain't buying it! Unless I hear her say or see her do the things that "Republicans" or now asserting.