Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Time To Break The Silence

I have not posted in about a week. I was not too busy. I was taking a moment of silence for my country. I believe we are well on our way down the path to socialism. This atrocious bailout bill has opened up a path for many socialist policies to follow.

Which candidate will be willing to stop our decent into full fledged socialism? After watching the debate last night, it appears to me the answer is neither of them. I think Obama, being a socialist himself, has got to love this bill. And McCain, hell he is already calling for more money to be thrown at this.

Congress will surely do nothing to stop this kind of thing. The leaders of both the Senate and the House are nothing more than clowns in nice clothing. If any person out there believes that congress will be able to solve this problem, please make an appointment with your therapist today.

One interesting thing about Congress. Not all that important, but it is food for thought. I have heard a lot of complaining about the "pork" that was in the bailout bill. The fact is, the bailout plan was the pork. The house had already passed the bill with the arrows in it. The Senate attached the bailout plan onto this bill. Why? You ask. They had to. The Constitution states that all spending bills have to be initiated in the House. Therefore the Senate could not bring a spending bill forward. So they just attached it to some bill, any bill. So, the bailout plan is PORK!

I am a person that loves his country. I believe in the vision the founders of this country used in creating the Constitution. I feel that America has proven itself to be the most successful and honorable country this world has ever seen. I do not think that our representatives feel the same way as I do.

I support capitalism at all costs. It has made this country the strongest country in the world. Allowing it to slip away will bring us to the level of every other country that does not practice it religiously. This bill has taken a huge chunk of it away. It has also opened the door for the complete removal of capitalism from our country. We WILL suffer from the effects of this bill for a long time.

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