Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New NRA Ad

Attention gun owners! Thinking of voting for Obama. Take a look at this:

This man should scare the hell out of a gun owner. No, he should scare the hell out of everyone who loves America.

Let's take a look at a few things:

1) The economy:

He wants to spread the wealth. He wants to tax successful small businesses. What he is really saying is he wants to force people who provide jobs for the "little man" into either laying off workers, or cutting their hours and/or bonus incentives.

Obama likes to lay the blame on the Republicans for the recent credit fiasco. The truth is that he and his friends in the democratic party deserve the blame for this mess.

Bush and McCain have been unlucky in that this "house of cards" came tumbling down on Bush's watch. But the truth is; Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton built the damn thing. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd built additions and defended it as long as they could.

I think McCain would be up by 10 in most polls had he had the balls to vote against the bailout. But that is another matter.

2) Universal Health Care:

This is a disaster waiting to happen. I think the only reason this plays so well is that a lot of people mistake this to mean free health care. It is not!!! It will be paid for with more taxes. Not to mention the fact that the government would be in charge of this system. Do you trust the government to run this program efficiently? If so you might want to make an appointment with a therapist before Obama takes over.

3) Associations:

A lot of people are tired of hearing this. The only problem is that it DOES matter who a person chooses to associate with. You can bet, if McCain was friends with terrorists, racist preachers, or shady real estate brokers it would damn sure be "news worthy".

H/T: Hot Air, for the video.

For the Tennessee fans: Know why Obama will never win in Tennessee? Because if you put a G in front of his name it spells GO BAMA!

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bubby1962 said...

This guy kicks ass!!!