Friday, September 5, 2008


One side has it. The other side does not. During the Democratic Convention there were no protesters screaming out during the speeches. Sure there were some outside the convention hall. But that is were the protests stayed. Of course, McCain did pay for an ad to air that night. This is class:

What does Obama do on the night of McCain's speech? He goes on The O'Reilly Factor to take away from the Republican Convention. I have heard a lot of people complain on the talk shows about O'Reilly. They do not think he should have given Obama the chance. There is one problem with that. Obama would only agree to come on the show if they aired it last night. I have heard O'Reilly say many times that Obama was welcome on his show any time. O'Reilly has practically been begging him to come on for over a year. He knew it was his only chance, and if he refused the left would use it as political fodder to attack him.

I would also like to steer you to a great post by Ace Of Spades. It is a great post and should be read in it's entirety. Ace does not pull any punches and will use some colorful language, but he is dead on the money as to how the left thinks:

There are a couple of interesting things here. First of all, why are all the Democrats so shocked she gave a partisan, cutting, attack dog speech? She is the Vice Presidential candidate; that is the VP's job, after all. Did they think she wouldn't take on that traditional job because she's a woman? Did they think she just wanted to talk about babies 'n bakin' cookies? Did they really believe their own horseshit that a governor who took on her own party and left it weeping on the floor was a bubbleheaded cupcake and couldn't act tough and canny like a man?

If so, shame on them. Not for the sexism. I don't care much about that. For the stupidity. For the ten-thousandth example of liberals cocooning themselves in their own little fantasy world, not allowing a single outside criticism or internal note of doubt to violate their soft, warm fragile little nests.

She's a governor, I repeat again, morons. She achieved the greatest state elected office and has run the state so well she has an 80% popularity rate and has even Democrats hoping she'll lose, just so she'll come back and serve out her term!

What exactly were you expecting? I'm reminded of Chris Rock becoming furiously angry at whites who say "Colin Powell speaks so welllll, he speaks so wellllll....!"

"He's an educated fuckin' man!" Rock screams. "What ignorant fuckin' shit did you expect to come out of his mouth? 'I'ze a-gonna be Prez-mo-dent! ?'"

My words exactly, liberals. She's an educated woman of high achievement. Tell me-- "What ignorant fuckin' shit did you expect to come out of her mouth?!"

Read the rest at the link. It is great.

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