Friday, June 20, 2008

Well, He Deals With "Vibrations"

Remember Dr. Thomas Chalko? He's the scientist that provided us with the scientific report claiming that earthquakes are increasing due to, you guessed it Global Warming. Get a load of this:

Chalko is best described as a pseudo-scientist--at least when it comes to the fields of global warming and earthquakes about which he was quoted by CBS and MSNBC as an authority. He is not a meteorologist. Nor is he a geophysicist or seismologist. His website reveals that he is into "self healing," "vibrations," and alien visitations...

You would think that CBS and MSNBC might want to check into his background a little, right? Wrong:

...I decided to perform Google and Yahoo searches of the "scientist" who had issued the finding, one Thomas Chalko, MSc, Ph.D. In less than five minutes I found that Chalko was perhaps the last person who should be quoted on the purported impact of allegedly man-caused global warming.

It is amazing how the MSM reacts when given any story about Global Warming/Climate Change.
No research involved. Given this guy's credentials, you may as well have asked the local palm reader to give you a detailed explanation of Global Warming.


TexasFred said...

Now WHY would you expect that the MSM would care about credentials??

The truth has NEVER stopped the MSM...

bubby1962 said...

But I'm often reminded that "the truth has a liberal bias"