Sunday, January 4, 2009

2008, My Best Year, As Far As Deer Hunting Goes

2008 was a rough year for me. Had a lot of changes as far as my personal life goes. But deer season went better than ever. I finished the year with 6 deer. My previous best was 5, two years ago. Before you say anything, I hunt Tennessee and Virginia, so I stayed within my limits.

Today was my last day for this year. I am already looking forward to November.

But at least now I can finally get back to the keyboard. I will pick it up in a few days but for now I would just like to pose a question to Israel:

What the Hell took you so long?

A question to the UN:

Is it possible for you to get your heads out of your asses?

The last question goes to the American people:

How long would we be willing to allow Canada or Mexico to bomb our country before we acted just as Israel is?

I don't know how you would answer this question, but this American would be ready to go the very first time.

I hope Israel stays and gets the job done. The world needs to be rid of this vermin known as Hamas.

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